Conditional Opening Planned for JUNE 1st, 2020

Initial opening procedures:

  1. Regulate group sizes for practice/training in each rink to be no more than 2 groups of 25 people on the ice including coaches.
  2. Groups for practice/training are to maintain distance and have limited intermixing between groups.
  3. If any equipment is shared it must be sanitized between uses.
  4. Players, coaches, and spectators to use the south entrance when playing on the Bushy Rink and the east entrance (main lobby) when playing on the Scheels Rink.
  5. Players/Teams will have  use of the locker rooms. Separate player only staging areas will also be available in each rink for those not wanting to use the locker rooms. Chairs spaced according to social distancing guidelines. Locker rooms and staged areas will be sanitized after each use.
  6. Players to be dropped off no earlier than 30 minutes before practice/training and 60 minutes before games.
  7. Players to be picked up no more than 15 minutes after practice/training or game is complete.
  8. Spectators to enter the building for games/scrimmages no earlier than 15 minutes before game time, and must leave within 15 minutes of the game ending.
  9. Spectators limited to lobby areas, public restrooms, and bleachers to reduce interaction.
  10. The use of masks is strongly recommended.
  11. No use of water fountains.
  12. Signage will be displayed outlining advisable precautions (e.g., handwashing) from CDC.
  13. Added alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations at both Bushy and Scheels rink entrances.
  14. MYHA staff will be trained and supplied according to state opening guidelines as they are made aware by state governing organizations.